Sunday, September 4, 2016

Starting a New Ulos Cloth

I have started a new ulos (Batak ceremonial cloth) cloth. It will be in the Sadum Ulos style with a little embellishment from me. I was very fortunate to learn a little over the school break about the Ulos Sadum weaving patterns. My teachers are actually relatives of mine. I was so lucky that they had time to teach me some skills. I learned this on a family trip back to our village in North Sumatra at Lake Toba. We have a house at the Tambunan village near Balige. I had my weaving lessons in Tarutung.

Here is my ulos so far.

My colours will be black with purple and a tiny hint of gold and red. I plan to make the three divisions that are present with most ulos cloth. A wide middle panel and two smaller edge panels. 

Here I am measuring out the warps. I am winding 5M so that there is room to keep the warp on the loom and then just add to it for future projects as I will keep the 6 heddle pattern.

Ahhhh - threading the heddles. I have 1200 warps here. I will use double yarn for each heddle as this yarn is very fine. It is about 50 epi. I would prefer a thicker cloth so I am doubling the thread. 

My first Ulos Sadum was 50 epi but with double thread weft. I am curious to see how this will turn out. 

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